Images not showing on Github website but shown in Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I take all of my infosec notes in markdown and when I am done, push them to Github. There are times I would like to include images in my notes, but I cannot figure out a way to get them to populate in my Github documents.

I have been taking my cybersecurity notes in markdown and I push them to github using the command npx quartz sync. My notes got lot of screenshots and I used to upload them to imgur to save spaces but decided to store them locally just in case something happens to imgur.

I created a separate folder on Obsidian named Images that will store all my images. Images folder is also included in the git push and it gets pushed to github perfectly fine and I can access them fine. Issue is that they are not shown on github website when it can be seen on Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I already tried following articles below but it won’t work

I have set up New Link Format to “Relative path to file” with Use Wikilinks disabled.

I am completely stuck here and I would really appreciate some help here…

Below is my Obsidian Files and Links setting:

This topic may be of help: