Images not showing on Github but show in Obsidian

What I’m trying to do:

  • I’m trying to push all my notes to github via the obsidian git plugin and this works fine except the images/attachments don’t show up on github. The images are pushed to github and exist in repo. On inspecting further, I found that the path of the images was not correct in github. I followed this thread which said to change the “New link format” to “Relative path to file” but that doesn’t change all the existing links. What can I do to make sure images show up in notes both in github and obsidian

PS: My settings

EDIT: I tried changing the “new link format” to absolute as well and tried with a new note, but the link is generated the same way

To change the existing links you could try the Obsidian Link Converter community plugin. If it doesn’t handle images, you’ll need to search and replace. A fancy text editor (like Visual Studio Code) will allow you to do it across multiple files at once (make sure your backups are up to date first).

have you looked at …

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This seemed to have worked for the most notes I checked manually. It basically updated the attachment links.

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