Images are not visible when I try to convert markdown to PDF

Hi, guys!
I’m using Obsidian 0.6.7 for Windows. Since Obsidian doesn’t have an iOs app yet, I created a vault directed to my iA Writer folder in iCloud, so I can use iA Writer on my iPad and share my notes with Obsidian. My Obsidian notes and my iA Writer notes are sharing the same folder, both saving files as .md.
I embbed some images in some files. I tried to convert those .md files to PDF, so I can print them.
Images are lost in PDF version (images are not visible in the presentation mode as well).
I tried to open the same files from iA Writer, but images are no longer visible there, even though they are stored in the same folder. It’s the same file.
Any idea about how to solve this?
Otherwise, I’ll have to duplicate my notes with images and store them in a folder different than the one shared with Obsidian.

Do you use the obsidian-specific notation for including Images?

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since this is a problem with another software I’ll move this to another topic.

Yes. I used ![Image](link.png) for adding images and displaying them, following Help section guidelines.
I think that’s the reason why my embbed images are no longer visible when I access the file from iA writer. But that’s not the main point: those images are not visible when I convert the .md file to pdf.

where is link.png respective to the markdown file? in the same folder?

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It’s in a subfolder.
Parent Folder name: Notes with two child folders:
Child folder: Images (where I placed all png files)
Child Folder: Logic (where I placed my .md files).
Links were automatically updated
Should I put them in a single folder?

So Obsidian understands that it has to go and look for the images in the Images folder.

I suggest you try to change the link to:

this should work in both obsidian and iawriter.


Thank you so much! I’ll try your tip. I’ll come back to say if it worked.

I tried typing what you recommended and it didn’t work. I tried to put all the files in the same folder and It didn’t work as well: no images visibles when I convert to pdf or images visible when I try to open the files in iA Writer.
I think I’ll have to duplicate them, for now. :frowning:

do you have whitespaces in the image filenames?
If so try to use %20 in place of .


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I tried as well. It didn’t work either. Thank you so much for your help. I don’t know what the bug is. :pensive:
We tried several solutions. You have been very helpful and patient.

I’m also having a problem of exporting a page to include images. Any ideas are appreciated.


So this is what works for me. The drawback here though is that the image will not be visible in the preview mode. So you probably have to include the image link twice, once for seeing it in Obsidian’s preview mode and the other link to see it in the exported pdf.

To see it in the Obsidian preview window :
![[Image.png]] Just using this doesn’t show the image in the pdf

To see it in the exported Pdf.

![Image](D:~path of the file~\Image.png)
Just using this doesn’t show the image in the obsidian preview

I used pandoc to convert .md to .pdf. Hopefully Obsidain makes it easier to export our notes to pdf for non cs techies like me.


Thank you! I’ll give it a try and let you know if it worked!

Thanks. This works, but is a little clumsy, since it has to be listed twice, and the path has to be added manually.

I’ve faced a problem exporting md to pdf with images, that showed blured. I have disable the plugin “Privacy glasses” and images are showed again correctly in the pdf.

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