Exporting to PDF via Pandoc using LaTeX: How to render images AND convert "~~" to strikethrough?

I’m using Obsidian.md to create Markdown files, and just started using LaTeX via Pandoc to create PDFs. The title page and page numbers, text, etc. render fine, but I can’t figure out how to render images.

In Obsidian they’re created like a link using double brackets “[[ ]]”, plus an exclamation mark to transclude it so e.g. “![[flower.jpg]]”.

How do I need to format these links so that the images are rendered (with numbers, if possible) in the resulting PDFs?

The solutions suggested here: Images are not visible when I try to convert markdown to PDF - #9 by anartam
don’t work for me.

A second issue I’m having is that the Obsidian strikethrough markers “~~” surrounding text seems to break the conversion process. How do I filter these and turn them into LaTeX strikethrough?


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