Image Gallery in Obsidian Publish (how to?)

Together with some colleagues, we are considering using Obsidian Publish to create a digital garden about computational creativity.

The system would be great but we can’t create image galleries. By “image gallery” I don’t mean anything too complex.

Just a number of previews of the same size, lined up on the same row, with modal window on click.

There are several plugins and themes that support these functions but, as far as we could tell, none are supported by Obsidian Publish.

Is there any alternative method or does the system not support galleries?

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I am afraid that “no answer” actually means “no, you cannot have image galleries in Obsidian Publish,” but I still cannot believe that this feature is not available in a paid product that aspires to compete with free site generators like Hugo or Astro.

You can accomplish much of this request (if not all of it), using CSS. The ITS callout snippet, using the CARDS or GRID functionality, should get you started.

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction: this was really useful.

It’s pretty basic, but it’s just ![ ] images in a Table.

Photography - drdaviss - Obsidian Publish

| ---                        | ---               | ---                  |
| -------------------------- | ----------------- | -------------------- |
| ![[Black-Eyed Susans.png|Black-Eyed Susans]] | ![[IMG_6736.jpg]] | ![[Red onions!.png]] |
| ![[ICM20131213_34th_Street_1.jpg]] | ![[ICM2021.Figures at Cylburn.jpg]] | ![[Mushrooms-look-edible.png]] |
| ![[Shredded.png]] | ![[Murano 2018 08274.png]] | ![[Burano 2018 08489.png]] |
| ![[Rome 2018 01976.png]] | ![[Montepulciano 2018 00615.png]] | ![[Venice 2018 09346.png]] |

I think Canvas works too, and I understand that it sorta supports image captions.

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