Iframe and Twitter

Works for me on mac too.

Article on why iframes can’t show twitter (except for individual tweets)

So it would be interesting to find out how your [@Angel | @mnvwvnm] Macs get around it.

Since version v0.11.1 Obsidian workarounds some websites security issues:

You can now use <iframe> to embed even more sites that previously wouldn’t show. This is done by patching the Content-Security-Policy header containing frame-ancestors that some websites use to prevent embedding.

Thanks - so what in practical terms can I do/change on my Obsidian Mobile Android app to be able to see the Twitter account below without errors?

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I don’t know! I never mention the mobile app, only Obsidian desktop on mac!

Apologies - I didn’t mean to offend you.
I’ve just seen your many helpful replies and thought you might know.

So I guess the Content-Security-Policy header patch hasn’t been ported to mobile.


@Angel Great! it works perfect now. Thanks so much.
@ichmoimeyo As for me, the problem was not a matter of displaying iframe content, but rather the Cardano account (or other, including mine). Twitter logo was displayed but nothing else.

@LenaDelaine. Are you on Desktop or Mobile?
I am on Obsidian Mobile Android and it isn’t working.

In fact, it was very strange… during 2 days it was impossible to log out my Twitter account… Then I tried to follow Obsidian Discord recommendations–to remove electron. Now it seems ok.

Desktop Mac OS. I don’t know about mobile yet… since I have a problem with sync… But one step at a time.

OK I’d be very interested to know whether it works on Mobile for you when you try it.

I was not offended! No problem. I just needed to clarify that me and @Angel mentioned only mac version.
In my mobile iOS devices this twitter iframe solution doesn’t work!

@ichmoimeyo As I said, the main problem for mobile is that my sync doesn’t work at all–thus I need to ask for support in a new post.
Did you check on Stackoverflow? I know that for IOS a discussion was opened on this matter.
Perhaps some answers here.

Thank you for confirming it not working on Mobile. So I guess we need to ask whether the Content-Security-Policy header patch could be included in a future Mobile Update.

@LenaDelaine I think it is a missing Content-Security-Policy header patch that was applied to Desktop in February in v0.12.1(as mentioned by mnvwvnm) but probably not to Mobile.

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I don’t have any ‘technical’ knowledge, but in iOS I guess that can be an unsurpassable OS restriction.

@mnvwvnm I don’t know either - but I also have the problem on Android, so it must be more of a Mobile in general thing. Either they forgot to apply the patch OR as you say it’s not feasible on Mobile.
Wouldn’t hurt to ask them I guess & see what they say.
I think coming from you as opposed to me a newbie such a request would carry more weight :slight_smile:

I’m newbie too! :slight_smile:
The «bug report» / «feature request» already exits. See this:

Great - thank you!

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