Iframe and Twitter

Based on this reply, I have tried to embed this twitter user timeline with iframe. But it doesn’t work. I’ve also checked on Twitter publish page, but perhaps since it’s not embed with iframe, it doesn’t work too.
Any idea? In advance, thanks for your kind support.

I’ve used twitframe - https://twitframe.com/ - embeds an iFrame and doesn’t require javascript, works with published sites as well.

This works on my Mac (can adjust the size as needed):



Thanks very much for your reply. However, it doesn’t work on my side. I’ve tried several times to log out just to check if the problem comes from my side, but lack of result.

I don’t know why, I cannot log out. I switched off my Mac… Same.

Attached is the MD file I used. I’m not logged in to Twitter or anything else. Don’t know why it won’t work on your Mac. Hope someone has a solution.

CardanoFR.md (130 Bytes)


Once again, thank you very much. It is very strange indeed: no reason why it’s not working (and why I cannot log out). Fingers crossed… for a solution soon.

With Angel’s code I’m getting …

… which according to stackoverflow means …

... they have disallowed loading of the resource in an iframe outside of their domain. So this iframe is not able to display cross domain.

UPDATE: I’m on Obsidian Mobile Android.

Wonder why it works for me on my Mac, but not for other users on their devices.


Works for me on mac too.

Article on why iframes can’t show twitter (except for individual tweets)

So it would be interesting to find out how your [@Angel | @mnvwvnm] Macs get around it.

Since version v0.11.1 Obsidian workarounds some websites security issues:

You can now use <iframe> to embed even more sites that previously wouldn’t show. This is done by patching the Content-Security-Policy header containing frame-ancestors that some websites use to prevent embedding.

Thanks - so what in practical terms can I do/change on my Obsidian Mobile Android app to be able to see the Twitter account below without errors?

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I don’t know! I never mention the mobile app, only Obsidian desktop on mac!

Apologies - I didn’t mean to offend you.
I’ve just seen your many helpful replies and thought you might know.

So I guess the Content-Security-Policy header patch hasn’t been ported to mobile.


@Angel Great! it works perfect now. Thanks so much.
@ichmoimeyo As for me, the problem was not a matter of displaying iframe content, but rather the Cardano account (or other, including mine). Twitter logo was displayed but nothing else.

@LenaDelaine. Are you on Desktop or Mobile?
I am on Obsidian Mobile Android and it isn’t working.

In fact, it was very strange… during 2 days it was impossible to log out my Twitter account… Then I tried to follow Obsidian Discord recommendations–to remove electron. Now it seems ok.

Desktop Mac OS. I don’t know about mobile yet… since I have a problem with sync… But one step at a time.

OK I’d be very interested to know whether it works on Mobile for you when you try it.

I was not offended! No problem. I just needed to clarify that me and @Angel mentioned only mac version.
In my mobile iOS devices this twitter iframe solution doesn’t work!