Identifying the current vault instantly

It would be very helpful to identify instantly in which vault I am working. I have two vaults and it takes some extra clicks and time to know in which one I am working. For instance, when I open obsidian, it opens the last vault, but I don’t see which one of them is it. Or if one of the vaults is open and I activate it, I don’t know which one is it. (Only when the folder is active the name of the vault is displayed).

These options help at all?

  1. If the file explorer is displayed, the name of the vault should be shown at the top of the list of files / folders.
  2. Obsidian > Preferences > Appearance > Window Frame Style > both Native Frame and Obdsian Frame display the name of the vault at the top of the Obsidian window. The Hidden frame option doesn’t.
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The workaround I use is to use a different theme for each vault. You can also just change the “accent” without changing the entire theme.

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Click the file icon at the top left of your screen to reveal a list of files with the current vault listed at the top.

The File Explorer shows the name of the vault near the top, btw. Of course, if you don’t have it open when you start that would contribute a click or two, but that’s another spot where the vault name is located.