Identifying Duplicate Notes for file clean up

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to clean up all my notes in a vault, and I find that I have copies of a lot of duplicate notes in different folders. Some have the same file name. Some have the same file name but are appended with “1”; some have different file names. There’s no unknown reason for this, I am responsible for this mess being made over time.

Is anyone aware of a plugin that can collate notes with duplicate content for easy deletion?

I’m also looking at options for duplicate file identification in the Windows environment as that might be the easiest way to go.

I am not aware of community plugins that allow to identify duplicate files. However, you certainly can find system tools that automatically identify files that may be duplicates. A very simple way to spot duplicates is to use the file manager to search all .md files in your vault. Then, you can sort results on name, size or date to spot potential duplicates. For example, files with the same date and same file size likely may be duplicates.

If these duplicates each are linked from other files, then a global search across the vault could replace links to the duplicate you delete with the duplicate you keep. That would preserve the existing links. Global search/replace can be done with an external tool like an editor, but you can also use the “Global Search and Replace” community plugin.