Iconic: Add icons & colors to your vault!

This is a plugin I’ve been working on for a month or two, so I could replace the emojis in my note titles with a more elegant icon system. It’s turned out pretty well! Iconic is a desktop & mobile friendly plugin for customizing a variety of icons around your vault.

You can use this plugin in lots of ways; native icons and emojis are supported everywhere, you can adjust their size and clickability, their colors can match the palette of your CSS theme, and you can even disable colors on-hover if your theme has colored highlights like Catppuccin.

Similar plugins include Iconize and MAKE.md. The goal of this plugin is to streamline the editing workflow to feel like a natural part of Obsidian.

Supported items:

  • Tabs
  • Files & Folders
  • Bookmarks & Groups
  • Properties
  • Ribbon commands
  • Sidebar toggles
  • Help & Settings buttons
  • (Tablets) Pin buttons

Installation: How to install this plugin using BRAT

This might be on the community browser in a week or two if it gets approved. Since this is my very first plugin release, I’d love to know what people think of the interface and usability. Don’t pull any punches :slight_smile:


Update: It’s now available inside Obsidian! New updates will be posted in this thread, on Discord, and on Reddit for major updates.

You can report any bugs on GitHub, or just message me anywhere.

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Thank you, love the way this is implemented. Very slick and easy UI. Some options not covered by Iconize. I’m already in love with my color coded bookmarks and properties.

Question, is it at all possible to insert icons into properties fields themselves? The most obvious use case is rating stars, but I can see myself using it more widely if it is possible.

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Hey, thanks for your feedback! There isn’t a way to insert icons inside properties at the moment… but I do really like that suggestion. I’ve started a feature request to keep it on the roadmap.

This might be something I’ll look into closer to version 1.2 or 1.3? :star2:

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