I want to know how to change the path of the configuration folder by the Quicadd plugin

I found this: app.vault.setConfigDir but I don’t know how to use this, I tried app.vault.setConfigDir('newconfig'), it returns “undefined”

The config dir has to start with a dot.


I tried starting with a dot, but nothing changed
It still returns “undefined”

That is normal in the dev console, the method is using void as a return type, so there is nothing for the console to report.

Check app.vault.configDir if the change was successful

yes,you are right,everything is fine in the console


But for this vault, nothing has changed

When I reload obsidian,it still have “.obsidian” as the configuration folder, I don’t know how I can have “.newconfig” as the new configuration folder

You need to save the configuration after changing it, or it will not be persistent

Thank you very much for your patient guidance


I use app.vault.saveConfig() to save configuration,But it doesn’t seem to be working

When I turned obsidian off and turned it back on, nothing changed

I noticed a similar post before, but didn’t find a solution either