I iframe embeded a website in an obsidian page and signed in, how can i delete the log-in information cache (or any cache and cookies info in general) from obsidian?

i just embeded the webpage for my todo list app, ticktick, inside an obsidian page using the code below:
<iframe width= "1000" height= "500" src="https://ticktick.com/webapp/#q/all/tasks"/>
and signed in to the app,
i did a quick close and open of the obsidian app, and i found that i was still signed in to ticktick.
i wonder how i can delete the login infomation cache from obsidian when i want to. here at least i can log out from within the website… but what i want to know is how can i delete cached data for a webpage manually from obsidian?


This is a good question. The best guess I have would be to open developer tools in the app (ctrl+shift+i), go to the Network tab, click the Disable cache checkbox, and then reload the app. You might want to ask this question in a separate thread.