I enable Spell-Check in Editor on Ipad. Typing markdown to create line but won’t show up Preview pane

Steps to reproduce

Using on Ipad Version 15.1 with Keyboard
1.Open Settings >> Editor >> Turn on Spell Check
After I’m trying to use it. But it don’t happen anything after using with wrong english sentence. It is ok i don’t know how it work

**The problem is “ I’m typing 3 Single Minus to create line to see preview mode but it won’t work.

After i’m turn off that switch. Ok it is back to normal.

Expected result

i want it can create line with turn on Spell Check

Actual result


  • Operating system: ios 15.1
  • Obsidian version:1.0.5

Additional information

I am no sure I understand you problem.
Can you post a screen recording of this happening without themes and in safe mode?

Hi all, I am new to Obsidian.
I get the same problem and take some time to find this post.
Problem is not solved yet. And I would like to seek for solution too.

When we’re using iPad and Obsidian setting - SpellCheck is switch on.
We will find that when we type in 2 Minus “-“, it will change 2 Minus “–“ to a dash “—“ automatically.

In order to type the 3 Minus, I need to type “- - -“ and then remove the space character.

It is really annoying.
Hope it could be fit.

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