HTML Webpage Export Initial Release! 🎉

Hey everyone! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to export your document as a fully interactive html webpage? That’s why I wrote my new plugin: HTML Webpage Export. (It even keeps all your styles and themes so it shows up exactly as in obsidian!)

:star2: FEATURES:

  • Keep all styling and themes you have enabled, or even include css from other plugins
  • Option to generate and include a fully interactive and collapsible outline of your document in a sidebar
  • Option to include a toggle embedded into the document to switch the theme between light and dark mode
  • Options to export the whole document as a single file, or export things like images, css, and js as seperate files - Interactive collapsible headers like in obsidian. - Internal and forward links are preserved
  • Copy button on code snippets.
  • Can export whole vault at once keeping the file structure, and preserving links between files! Great for converting a vault into a website.

You can view the plugin in obsidian here: Open In Obsidian
And on GitHub here: Open GitHub Repository

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what an exported document might look like:


Really cool!
what are the next features planned?

i would wish for an option to disable the ‘Table of Contents’ on export and also the theme switcher - to basically get a minimal version of your page.

Those are actually already options. They are shown on export:

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