HTML Export Plugin 🎉

You can manually upload files, they just need to be served by a web server. As long as they are on a web server that’s fine. If you are opening the files locally it is not. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of limitations of the file:// protocol that simply aren’t easy or practical to work around.

As far as exporting the files you have selected, I am not sure I understand the problem. If you only select a few files to export it will only export the ones you have selected.

What Obsidian theme do you use here?

Hi, are there any plans to support metadata / properties (frontmatter) in each note as well ?
I use metadata menu and each note/file as typically several several properties, including links to other notes/files.
I would be very helpful to see these properties in the HTML output.

My files around 30GB, it appears error during export.

I am using the things theme :slight_smile:

Definetly, this is on my to-do list!

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Hey, amazing work with this plugin!

I’ve noticed a couple of weird behaviours:

  • The plugin doesn’t export PDF’s even if they are selected as files to export in the prompt
  • If you check the “open after export” toggle it breaks on windows. My guess it’s assuming unix like paths and it applying the wrong path format.

Olso, a personal request :stuck_out_tongue: would it be possible be compatible with Image Toolkit ? I think at its current state your plugin only export css files, but not the js associated to it, making this plugin not work after export.

Anyway, amazing work so far! Keep up the good work :smiley: