HTML Export Plugin 🎉

Webpage HTML Export is a plugin for Obsidian which lets you export single files or whole vaults as HTML websites / webpages. It is similar to publish, but you get the .html files to do whatever you want with. Its goal is to support as many features of obsidian possible including themes, dataview, graph view, and more.

:star2: FEATURES:

  • Export files, folders, or the whole vault as html
  • Export each document as a single .html file for document sharing
  • Or export with embedded content exported externally for fast loading on the web
  • Note table of contents / outline
  • Vault explorer
  • Theme Toggle
  • Interactive Graph View (Experimental)

You can view the plugin in obsidian here: Open In Obsidian
And on GitHub here: Open GitHub Repository

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Really cool!
what are the next features planned?

i would wish for an option to disable the ‘Table of Contents’ on export and also the theme switcher - to basically get a minimal version of your page.

Those are actually already options. They are shown on export:


This plugin could be really useful for me, but at the moment, it’s cutting off the content and only showing a top portion of what’s in each note.

It seems like an issue with dealing with headings or subheadings.

I’ve added more details here

Hi thank you, I have seen the issue on GitHub

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Is there a way to sort files? In particular for the TOC. I mean by an other way than numering them?

There is not, but I have considered adding that. Right now it is just sorted by whether it is a folder and then by alphabet. What is the reason you’d like a different order, just so I know your use case?

Thanks for your answer! This is because when you write a long text with chapters there is often a need to re-order the chapters (without changing their name of course). The longform plugin allows that with an indentation for subchapters (different from folders)
but it does not generate an html TOC and exports in a single file!

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This is a very handy plugin!

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Really impresive. :astonished:
It works like a charm.

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Hi, I just want to say a big thank you for creating this!! Just awesome.

I’m going to rewrite the docs of my plugin using this plugin + GitHub pages. Please keep on going. Thank you!


Thank you, I am glad you’re finding it useful. I am very busy but work on the plugin continues :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much, super useful plugin, and very well done. Is it possible (or planned for a future release) to export also properties with pages?

This is possible, and will likely happen in ssome future release. It’s not something I am actively working on right now though

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This is awesome, something I’ve wanted for a long time. For my use case, it would be usable if it had just one more feature: support for nested popup hover previews, like Publish has. :pray:

So, this: Add support for tooltips / file preview on internal links · Issue #122 · KosmosisDire/obsidian-webpage-export · GitHub

Btw, as far as I know, no other Obsidian “digital garden” plugin / Publish alternative supports these popups. So if you added it, it would be a major differentiator vs. the competitors.

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Thanks, I do definetly plan to add hover previews in the future. I am quite busy with school, work, and finals right now though so it will be a good while. Thanks for the support and I am glad you’re enjoying the plugin :slight_smile:


Does any have this bug?

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘style’)


For some reason when I right-click on an obsidian vault I don’t get a popup menu, so I can’t export a whole vault. As the experimental graph export is of interest to me, a vault export is what I think I need.

Or is there another way to do a full export including the graph?

Thanks in advance,


Still a problem, but I found what I did wrong: selecting the vault and then go to the three dots - I hadn’t righ-clicked there.

Now if I export with the experimental graph feature on, it only exports the notes to HTML that I selected in the notes pop-up left from all the settings.

What am I doing wrong?

I should have read better: I exported to a directory, and file:// is not supported.

That kills my use case, because I’d wanted the export to copy to a 2FA protected sharepoint site (which, AFAICT, can only be done using folders and files that you manually upload).