How would I get YAML variables to also be registered as tags in the front matter?

What I currently do

I use QuickAdd to give me the ability to add variables to notes when I refactor. i.e. I have a simple QuickAdd macro that calls the “refactor note” hotkey and then calls a QuickAdd “capture” that calls a front matter template, prompts me to enter the information, and adds the completed front matter to the top of the refactored note.

The front matter template is simply -


note_type: {{VALUE:note type}}
note_bucket: {{VALUE:note bucket}}
note_subject: {{VALUE:note subject}}
note_entity: {{VALUE:note entity}}


What I would like to add

I would also like to have note_type, note_bucket, and note_entity registered as tags in the front matter.

(Caveat -I am not a coder, but I’m slowly learning how to do things in Obsidian.) I can’t figure out the correct way to set this action up. I thought adding:

tags: {{note_type}}, {{note_bucket}}, {{note_entity}}

to the bottom of the front matter template above would work, but it just returns the variable names, written as:

note_type: meeting
note_bucket: Wiggins
note_subject: When I grow up
note_entity: BU

tags: note_type, note_bucket, note_entity

I’m sure this is a simple thing and I’m missing the obvious, but I can’t seem to connect my need to any of the YAML literature online


Hope this Helps

I need to start out by saying I am not a coder either. Had a similar question and found a guy on you-tube that helped me make my system work. Here is an example from a template I set up for recipes files

tags: [" #Recipe #Main_Ingredient #Meal #Chef #Cuisine #Means"]

I take these as hints for what tags I want to use. The important thing for me is to have a dropdown - suggestion as you would if you used tags regularly. The format is the key, square bracket, quotes, space then tags with hash as usual. With my system these are jumping-off points, as I write the note I change the info to suit. Most of my tags are 2 levels, so I may have #Meal/Mains, that starts here as #Meal. Not certain that it helps you as much as you were hoping, but maybe a place to start?
This is the video that helped when I was setting this up, perhaps it gives you an aha! moment too!
How to use YAML in Obsidian correctly - YouTube starting at 7:00 for dealing with tags.
Good Luck