How to use wider part of the screen when editing notes?

So i want to use the more of the screen without disabling the "Editor/Readable length"option?

I have tried this method, but it works only when the “Readable length” is turned off and that is a big no-no for me.
I cant stand Text that is not “centered” like on the picture.

try this css snippet:


change the value to the one you like.

FYI: the original value is 700px

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Sadly nothing changes, but thank you!

which version of obsidian are you using?

and don’t forget to turn on the Readable Line Length

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v1.4.13, Linux, from Aur

Do you turn on the Readable Line Length?


There are some selectors you can play with, when the readable line length is turned on.

In source/preview mode:

In reading mode:

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i did turn on.

Can someone explain what the end result is going to be when using these CSS snippets?

@goodDinosaur1 Also, what theme are you using? That could influence if the snippet works or not.

@blue_emperor The snippet can increase or decrease the readable line length from the default 700px when Readable line length is enabled.

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Minimal theme.

Ah! Minimal has its own thing going on. The above snippet won’t work, but works with most other themes. You can change the width for all notes in Minimal Theme Setting (a plugin):

Or on a note-by-note basis by adding wide or max as a cssclass in your YAML/Properties view:

Thank you!
Sorry for not sharing enough information to know this right away.

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