How to temporarily disable all links and tags

Things I have tried

I have searched the forum and help and am aware of the ability to use bacticks to add inline codeblock formatting. I am also aware of the ability to use backslashes to escape the subsequent character.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to disable all links and tags across a vault. I am aware of the technique of using search and replace to apply codeblock formatting or backslash escaping to all occurrences of [, ], and # within only links and tags. It works okay but I t requires some regex and is potentially destructive. My main issue is that of being able to effectively undo this disabling at some point either vault wide or on a note by note and occurrence by occurrence basis.

For more context, I am specifically doing this in order to reduce the chaos when trying to tame some of my older vaults and reintegrate as a single whole. Here’s a link to a relevant feature request I made: Toggle ability to disable links with backslash


I just saw a post which reminded me of the Excluded Folder feature available since v0.14.6:

  • You can now add folders to an ignore filter. Files matched by this filter will be down-ranked when using Quick Switcher and link suggestions, and will be excluded in search results and graph view.

This is helpful in the context of this post so I figured I should add the information.


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