How to specify links within frontmatter?

Is it currently possible to specify links in frontmatter? I saw there have been multiple feature request threads in the past about this functionality but I haven’t been able to find any recent discussions regarding it.

What do you mean by “specify” here?
I use the community plugin Breadcrumbs to help me navigate through a few of my notes. For those notes, I have frontmatter that looks like:

aliases: [ShortName, LongerName]
prev: "[[pathToPreviousNote|prevShortName]]"
next: "[[pathToNextNote|nextShortName]]"

These links do not show up in my graph and will not update if I rename the note I have linked to, but for the situation where I am using these, I don’t want the links in my graph and I am ok with manually dealing with renames.


Thanks for the response. I’m currently using that approach, but I was hoping there was a way to do this without the limitations you mentioned. The fact that this type of link is updated upon name changes and isn’t detected by the graph view is a problem for me.

If you want the links in the graph, then yes take them out of the frontmatter. You could put them in a folded-up heading at the bottom or top of your note to keep them out of the way.

That breadcrumbs technique seems very interesting, @scholarInTraining. I’m curious what the workflow is and why certain notes you’d prefer not linking but still having this navigation. I assume it is pretty straightforward, but something tells me you have quite an elaborate set of experimental systems going on.

Also, I agree that the “backmatter” approach can be great for all types of metadata, whether it be fields storing links, text, or even tags; although I am not using it at the moment. I’m sure you are both well aware, but I figured I’d add that in certain cases where you are embedding the entire note with the backmatter elsewhere and would prefer excluding that bottom heading full of metadata from showing, it can be helpful to comment it out.

## Backmatter
Key1:: #value1
Key2:: [[value2]]
Key3:: value3

Anyways, thanks for the inspiration.


Great idea with the commented out backmatter!

My use of Breadcrumbs is actually pretty straightforward so far: I don’t want my daily notes or weekly notes linked to eachother in a giant long chain in my graph that will obscure other connections. Most of my daily notes are orphans, and so for the ones that do link elsewhere I might want to be able to notice those links later. Breadcrumbs (after a non-trivial amount of reading and messing with the settings) allows me to have next/previous links on top of my daily and weekly notes but preserves the orphan status of those notes that don’t otherwise have links so I can hide them from the graph view. Hopefully that makes sense?

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It makes perfect sense. I appreciate the helpful response. I am going to give it a try.


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