How to remove vertical line beside blockquote

What I’m trying to do

I would like to remove the vertical line that appears beside a blockquote or achieve the same effect by some other means. How might this be done? (I know nothing about coding.)

These are the variables / properties in the default theme for blockquotes:

  --blockquote-border-thickness: 2px;
  --blockquote-border-color: var(--interactive-accent);
  --blockquote-font-style: normal;
  --blockquote-color: inherit;
  --blockquote-background-color: transparent;

So you could grab the first one and change it to have no left border.

body {
    --blockquote-border-thickness: unset;


Thank you. I was able to use your example to change the CSS file for the theme I am using.


Just to make sure — you want to put that CSS in a CSS snippet (link above) and enable it. If you add to / alter the community theme.css file, any changes you make will be overwritten next time the theme updates.

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