How to query tasks via the Tasks plugin in a table?

Thanks to @Anwen I discovered the Tasks plugin which is amazing.

When reading the documentation, it seems that the tasks query is always a MD code block aligned with the left border.

Is it possible in this case to group the tasks in a table, something like that:

|   HOME    |         WORK         |
| [ ] sleep | [ ] code             |
| [ ] cook  | [ ] chat with people |

where the tasks would be generated by queries such as the one below where I deliberately left out a backtick in the query code to have code formatting here

not done
(tags include #perso) OR (tags include #home)
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I’m not using the tasks plugin, but I don’t think you’re able to put the tasks inside a table. You might be able to use some multi-column stuff, like the Minimal theme, and various others offer. But I’ve not seen any implementations presenting functional tasks within a table.

I say functional, because one can use queries to present the information from a task in a table, but normally you can’t click on it to complete it from the table.

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