How to better use TODOs (specifically: aggregate them)

I like Obsidian very much but I underuse it heavily. My current uses are predominantly focused on:

  • daily notes
    • with content that serves as a kind of scratchboard (short notes, will probably not be reused)
    • or with links that I tag (with the idea of hopefully coming back to them someday)
  • a few general pages where I gather information about a specific topic
  • a few general pages that serve as a reference

When starting Obsidian I land on the current daily note.

What I am missing is a robust TODO system. I would like to ask you whether the following scenario is doable, or about some alternatives if not.

I would like to start a templated daily note with three sections labeled “work”, “home”, “other”, each of which gathers all the TODOS tagged (or something like that) with #work, #home or #other. #other would be everything that is neither #work or #home.

If it was possible to gather the day the TODO was created (or its context such as the name of the page) that would be ideal.

This is of course a fantasy best-case scenario - anything you could suggest would be great.

I can code stuff if needed, this is not a problem. Also raw pointers are perfect - I will learn on the way. This is really a question about how to bootstrap such workflow. Thanks!

I recommend you take a look at the tasks plugin, which allows you specifically to make a query, that you can put in your daily notes, to aggregate tasks according to criteria such as tags. It’s also possible to do this with dataview, but it’s less optimized for.

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Thank you @Anwen - the Tasks plugin is fantastic. I will open a new question regarding how to use it in a tables context but what I get is almost exactly what I need and the query language is really powerful. Thanks again!

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