How to optimize (shorten) the workflow of "Export to pdf"

I need help to optimize the workflow of “Export to pdf”.

When I optimize my obsidian notes for the pdf export, I have to

<start loop>

click the right mouse button, choose “Export to pdf”




press “Export as pdf”
choose Folder and save
commit overwriting

<end loop>

I’d prefer a button or a shortcut which I click and get the pdf immediately in my standard pdf viewer (Adobe Acrobat).

Any suggestions?

(I haven’t found a plugin or an answer in this forum and in reddit.)

Good question. I haven’t tested it, but you could check Obisdian Pandoc plugin.

Alternatively there is Shell commands plugin.

Thank you very much. The good thing:

It automatically overwrites the existing pdf and this cool workflow is possible:

One can generate the pdf and see it a few seconds later in a new tab, side by side to the markdown file. :wink:

The bad thing: I have to change the wiki links to markdown links, to get the images. And even if I do that, they are not always shown in the output because the image name is unique and obsidian dowes not add the path.



(I try shell commands later.)

I’m quite sure your current problems with Pandoc are not unique meaning that you can find helping resources! Maybe someone here can provide help as well.

If you plan to use Shell commands plugin to implement quick pdf export to your workflow, I think you are going to use Pandoc there anyway. I’m not sure if you get any extra advantage if you use Pandoc with Shell Commands plugin vs Pandoc plugin. At least when working with shell you can apply single commands to many files at once (for example convert every markdown files in a folder to pdf files).

My suggestion for this problem:


“Remember for this note until its closed” with a checkbox. Once clicked, it asks only one time for the correct folder and only again, if the file was closed.


Good idea. Post it to feature requests if you want it to be properly recognized.

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