How to optimize (shorten) the workflow of "Export to pdf" (without much effort for the developers)

The problem:

I have this suggestion to optimize the workflow of “Export to pdf”.

When I optimize my obsidian notes for the pdf export, I have to

<start loop>

click the right mouse button, choose “Export to pdf”




press “Export as pdf”
choose Folder and save
commit overwriting

<end loop>

I’d prefer a button or a shortcut which I click and get the pdf immediately in my standard pdf viewer (Adobe Acrobat).

My suggestion for this problem:


“Remember for this note until its closed” with a checkbox. Once clicked, it asks only one time for the correct folder and only again, if the file was closed.

The user could have this view preview (perhaps with one shortcut):


Discussion from here: How to optimize (shorten) the workflow of "Export to pdf" - #3 by merlinuwe

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