How to open the dev. Console in Obsidian

Things I have tried

I searched the web and found two entries that match my problem, but non of the tips given there solved my problem

Links I visited:

What I’m trying to do

Im playing around with templater and hence writing some javascript. Some lines are causing errors and im trying to see them in the console wich is not willing to show up for some reason.

Im german and therefore got, allegedly a couple typos, and a keyboard with german layout. I tried the #, ~, ^ my ö and of cause STR + SHIFT + I but nothing worked.

Im using win 10 and Obsidian verion v0.15.9

I would appreciate some help. Thanks!

Using the GUI, you can access it through:

View --> Toggle Developer Tools

Works for me on Mac. But I have the same problem with the hotkey that doesn’t work

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I dont know what your GUI looks like, but I dont have such button names “View”…

Obsidian Screenshot

Yes, there is no such menu in Windows. Only Mac.


“STR” corresponds to Ctrl on a German layout, right?

Does STR + SHIFT + I work in Firefox or Chrome, as a test? I am wondering if it is a keyboard problem, or a local Obsidian hotkey conflict.

I got it!
(first of all: yes, STR is the equivalent to CTR)

I checked the hotkey STR + SHIFT + I in Chrome, like you said, and saw that it wouldn’t work there as well. That means it has something to do with either Win or my keyboard. However, I realised the keyboard has two CTRs and SHIFTs.
After pressing STR + SHIFT + I with my right CTR and SHIFT keys, it poped up!

Thanks for your help everyone!

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