How to open a note in new pane below the current one?


I would like to open a note, either by Cmd-click on a link or on the filename in File Explorer at left sidebar, in a new window below the current one (assuming that I currently have only 1 window). Is it possible? Cmd-click opens the note in a vertical split.

Currently when I right-click on a note link, I see the option “open in new pane”. It would be great to have “open in new pane (below)” and “open in new pane (right)” in the context menu when right-click on note link and note name in File Explorer

Thanks in advance for any hint.


I agree that this would be helpful. Just the other day I made a relevant feature request here: Hotkey or Modifier click link to open in pane to left/right/above/below


Am I missing something or just simply split horizontally (using the gear option in the upper right corner of the active note Panel, make the resultant/new pane active and go on from there.

This is how I do that at the moment. Since I do it quite often, I wish there is a shortcut for it.

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