Hotkey or Modifier click link to open in pane to left/right/above/below

Use case or problem

In situations where you do not want to pin the pane and you have another pane open that you want to easily open clicked links within, it would be nice to have some options.

Proposed solution

This could be accomplished automatically with a hotkey press while cursor is within link brackets. It could also be done via a modifier click of link. For example, Alt+Shift Left/Right Mouse button, Ctrl+Shift Right/Left Mouse buttons to trigger Open link in Pane to Left, Right, Above, or Below, listed in that order.

I don’t see why not make this work even if a pane isn’t already open in the triggered direction.

Hope I didn’t complicate such a basic request too much.

Current workaround (optional)

A combination of Quick switcher, Split, and Focus command hotkeys to accomplish this. It just requires a bit of mental energy that sometimes doesn’t feel worth all the trouble.

Thanks very much for the consideration. Obsidian continues to exceed my expectations.