How to link Scenes to Chapter so a change to either changes the other?

What I’m trying to do

I have just started using Obsidian for a novel using the Longform plugin. The Vault is divided into Manuscript/Chapters and Scenes. Chapter One has three scenes. I can link [[Scene-1]] with Chapter One which will take me to the Scene 1 Note in the Scenes folder. However I cannot see the contents of Scene 1 in Chapter One unless I embed it with ![[Scene-1]]. Changes to Scene-1 in the Scene folder will appear in the embed but I cannot make changes to the embed in the Chapter One [[Scene-1]]

What I would like to achieve is a link, symbolic or otherwise, that means a change to Scene-1 not only appears in the Scene Note and the embed but also the other way around, i.e. they are always synced.

Is this possible?

Things I have tried

internal-links, embed

You might look at the Hover Editor community plugin.

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Thanks, @CawlinTeffid that will do me until a plugin that more closely fits my need comes along. Since I made my post I have discovered there are many Feature Requests for the sort of mirroring I am after.

OK! If you see any posts in the Feature Request category that are essentially the same, let me know and I’ll merge them.

Hi @CawlinTeffid , the thread I was thinking of is this one. However, I am new to Obsidian so I may have misunderstood the differences between the Hover Editor and what is proposed in the above thread.

Oh, I see — you meant many people had requested it, not that there were multiple request threads (we merge duplicate requests into single threads to make them easier to track and discuss).

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