How to import specific terms using Zotero Integration?

What I’m trying to do

Use the Zotero Integration Plugin to import papers + notes and highlights. However since starting I have noticed there are various ‘keywords’ (apologies I’m not a coder I don’t know the technical term) such as {{citekey}} or {{authors}} etc etc. I’ve been looking on the github for a comprehensive list of these so that I can use them however I have found no such list. I would appreciate if anyone knew of such a list/ dictionary so I could see what my import options are.

Things I have tried

Looking through obsidian-zotero-integration/docs/ at main · mgmeyers/obsidian-zotero-integration · GitHub and the assorted info on the github repository as well as any other scraps of info I can find on template example threads on the forum. Hopefully I haven’t been an idiot and missed something out on the forums/ github.

Please do let me know if you can help!

You missed the Data explorer feature (cmd / ctrl + P -> Search 'Data explorer'), which is a great feature of Zotero Integration (Templating documentation link).

Data explorer lets you explore all the data associated with Zotero items, and see how it is structured. It also lets you preview your templates as you edit them.

And you can even copy-paste fields from data explorer into your template.