How to hide the status bar and other UI elements with the Hider plugin

I was looking for a way to hide the status bar, and eventually I discovered that there is an awesome plugin called Hider that enables toggling on/off the visibility of the status bar, the app ribbon, the title bar, the scrollbars, and tooltips. The plugin can be installed from within Obsidian via “Community plugins”.

(The same functionality is also incorporated into the Minimal Theme, which is by the same developer.)

I’m posting about this here just so that it’s documented in the forum, in case anyone else searches the forum for how to hide the status bar.

Many thanks to @Kepano!

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This plugin is so subtle but at the same time one of the best plugins out there. You have not seen your graph in all it’s glory unless you have stripped away the other parts of the application!

Everyone needs to give this one a crack at least once!

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When I scroll up to top of the page it is annoying to see a double title at the same time if I already add a title page with # though this ui elements necessary when I scroll down the page. :confused: