How to hide some files (for example by extension or filename)?

In “options” → “ignored files”, I use


But I can see these files furthermore in the filemanager of obsidian.

What can I do to hide them (and other files)?

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Turning off Settings > Files & Links > Detect all file extensions will hide any files that Obsidian can’t handle.

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The difference is in the word “some”.

It seems to be a forgotten feature, or a bug.

I have the same issue. I’d like to hide *.ini files but they still appears after writing [[ as a searchable file

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Like the suggestion above, is turning OFF “Detect all file extensions” not a good workaround for you?

I’m not certain, but I suspect this feature is just intended for ignoring notes. Maybe it was never meant as a robust filter for external files. (I’m seeing if I can find out.)

Also I’m assuming “Ignored files” is a translation, and the option in English is “Files & Links → Excluded files”. But maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

I’ve never tested it, nor read the help for it, but there is a “File Hider” community plugin. You could investigate that too.

Turning OFF “Detect all file extensions” works, but I need to detect and link some not Obsidian natively supported files like *.gdoc

I’ll try that plugin, thanks

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Ryan replied to me, and said “Excluded files” should work. But you might have to use Regex to make it work.

Also, any files in this list will still show up in search, but they will be de-prioritized, and show up at the bottom of search results.

An example image below. You’ll have to figure it out for .ini files specifically.

I don’t know, but it might be:


Some potentially related threads:


thank you, it works!

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