How to handle 2 headings (titles) in a note

Hello everyone!

I installed the latest version of Obsidian v0.16.0. Many notes I created with a template show now 2 headings. The one with heading level one and the new inline title displaying the filename. The result is that every note has a duplicated heading and use more space. How are you handling this? Are you editing every note and delete the level one heading you created? I also edit my notes in VS-Code. There is not an option for showing inline title. I use the default theme and Minimal theme.

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Go to Settings > Editor > Display > Show Inline Title

Two options. If it’s on, it shows the file title at the top of the note kind of big, so it looks like a title.

If it’s off, then it does not show the file title at the top in large text.

In my vault, I have H1s at the top of each note. When the setting is on, then I see both the file name and the h1 at the top of the note in large text as if I have two titles. With the setting off, I only see each note’s h1.

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Thanks that was very helpful! I switched of the setting Settings/Appearance/Advanced/Show view header and that was the wrong setting

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