How to go full-screen in Reading Mode on iPhone?

Hello, I find that the top and bottom bars take too much space on mobile (in my case, iPhone). How do I hide these? I would prefer to auto-hide these when in reading mode so that I can see more text when reading on mobile.

Someone on Reddit recommended using Commander plugin on mobile, but I could not find any option to get the desired result.

Thanks in advance for inputs and help!

PS: I am using Minimal theme with Minimal and Style Setting plugins. I also use Hider but it does not have an option to do what I wish to do.

Use the commander plugin. There is an option to stop displaying the bottom tool bar (By reducing toolbar row count to zero.) and then you can enable the upper Tab bar. Hope this will help you.

@ObsidianGuy Thanks for responding but this sadly does not work for me on iPhone. I tried all the settings in Commander but nothing happens.

Did you reduce the toolbar row count to zero?

Ys, didn’t work!

Sorry for the late response. been away for a while

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