How to find in Bookmark pane

Hello, maybe I’m wrong but I can’t see anything about searching a bookmarks in a bookmark pane.
Is there a tool or a button for searching a bookmark? A already make over 30 and it’s hard to navigate it manually. Thanks.

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I think you are right. There is an open feature request here: Make Bookmarks searchable in a query

As one workaround, the Quick Switcher++ plugin has a bookmark mode. When you search with it regularly, it shows bookmark icons beside notes that are bookmarked, and it maybe prioritizes bookmarks a bit higher. (I’m not sure.)

But it has a “Open in Bookmarks Mode” command that you can map. Or when you open the regular search, you can type ' to trigger bookmark mode.

There may be other plugins too. That is the one I know.

The problem is that I think it only searches notes and headings. I have a search bookmarked, but that doesn’t show up in Quick Switcher++.

Bookmark pane without search tool…weird.
Need this feature.
Bookmarks are another point of view on mind map of notes. More flexible and other way then tags. They are important and must have fully functional search box with finding in headers, tags and also in a text of bookmarked notes.
Feature request for this.
It’s unusable without searching…more then 30-40 bookmarks…how Obsidian Team navigate in hundreds or maybe thousands of bookmarks?? Manually? Really? It’s not serious :slight_smile: not for serious experience.
Hope you will make it soon.

I’m using QuickSwitcher++ 3.3.0 on mac and doesn’t have this problem. Both standard and bookmarks mode can display search bookmarks.

I recommend ctrl/cmd + shift + o for bookmarks mode. For reordering, renaming and deleting bookmarks you can press cmd + p and run Bookmarks: Show bookmarks. There is no automatic bookmarks ordering, you have to manually manage the ordering of your bookmarks. I’d expect QuickSwitcher++ to implement custom search ordering in future (order results by name, last modified or last accessed). This is useful for bookmarks in particular because there are no search operators to identify bookmarks.


Thanks! I updated and you are right.

It’s great, my lot of thanks.
But I’m still wonder why search feature isn’t “by design” when Bookmarks was launched. Search anything is a standard today, when every second of life is worth its weight in gold. Bookmarks are great but not complete without a search box.
Thanks Quick Switcher.

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