Make Bookmarks searchable in a query

Use case or problem

I want to be able to search for starred files. The goal is really to add a list of starred files to my daily file (or any file).

Proposed solution

Add a function to search for stars and therefore allowing it be used in the query embed.


### Starred Notes

Current workaround (optional)

I could use #star, but am not a fan of duplicating features like that.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not a feature request, but my original post: Can I search for Starred notes?


Both something like starred or -starred in order only search over starred items or exclude starred items explicity would be very helpful for me as well.

Use Case: When I am trying to organize a topic, my first step is to star notes that might be relevant for the topic. I often do this by a variety of consecutive searches. Obviously, in the later searches I do not want to have notes in the results that I have already starred. Later on, when, after having enough notes, I use search to start orienting myself within the selection. Here, I only want to engage with the starred notes.

In addition to the argument that it is redundant functionality to tag the selection of notes with #star, it also very tedious to manually tag - let’s say - 20-50 notes since we do not have bulk tagging of many notes at the same time.

+1 for this. Would be nice if starred status were surfaced in the Obsidian API, too, because then other plugins (i.e. Dataview) could work their own magic on that subset of files.

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+1 for this

Adding a +1 for this, now that bookmarks have replaced stars.

As a workaround, I know QuickSwitcher++ has a bookmarks mode. But I don’t think it searches all the different types of bookmarks, like bookmarked searches. Edit: Yes the latest version does!

Having this as a core feature of search, and the switcher will be great.

And possibly even the ability to filter by things like Bookmark Folders, so you can drill down into specific sections of your bookmarks. Or specify Bookmark Types, so you could specifically search all your bookmarked Canvases, or all your bookmarked Searches, for example.

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