How to determine a URI path and line correctly? ("imdone app" to Obsidian)

Hey everyone,

I’m setting up to be able to manage TODO’s from plaint text.

It works out of the box nicely with apps like Atom or VSCode

but I want to use it with Obsidian

How it works

what it does is it allows you to select an specific “card” which is stored in either a folder, a daily file, or a long file in a .md

Right now I’m going for a daily note file

In imdone > default settings, at the top it says “Open Files In:”

There’s the option for Custom Open File Command:

All I managed to do was

obsidian obsidian://vault/obsidian-personal/imdone/2020-10/2020-10-26 "${path}":${line}

this works partially, it opens the file imdone/2020-10-26

but it doesn’t direct me to the line I need inside that file.

Also, I had to define an specific file, but there will be a lot of notes in different daily files, so I need the command to detect the path automatically

Expected Behaviour

What I need is to define something like this:

obsidian obsidian://vault/obsidian-personal "${path}":${line}

That command doesn’t work, there must be a different way to define path and line that I’m not aware of.

The idea is for the command to be able to detect the path (defined by imdone settings) and detect the correct line

I’m pretty sure it’s a simple variation of this line

obsidian obsidian://vault/obsidian-personal "${path}":${line}

but obsidian URI must be using a different way to define "${path}":${line}

Truly appreciate any help

I don’t think you can do this as yet. Someday soon we’ll hopefully get a URL scheme to open a block directly, which will enable this functionality. See Block Referencing With URI


Got you, I was starting to suspect it’s not yet possible. I’ll look forward to it thanks for the help Ryan!

Thanks for sharing that post, that look very useful too

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