How to change the Calendar plugin's weekend color?

I’m totally new in trying to use Obsidian and my first query concerns the Calendar plugin by Liam Cain. It may not be an important question at this stage of my learning about the program, but I think it may help me to better understand its workings. Anyway, I am an obsessive tinkerer with software!

Things I have tried

According to the information given for this plugin I can add custom styling for weekends to be distinguishable from weekdays by setting the var(–color-background-weekend) to be any color that I want.

I found a way to create a copy of the app.css which I put in a snippets subdirectory under .obsidian in my vault. I also read how to refresh the settings accordingly.

My question

However, now what do I do? Say, I would like the color to be set to blue. What steps are exactly needed for this?

Update: I totally misread your question, see below for better answer

Do this if you want to find the elements to change

It’s not directly related to your question, but the section on “Using Developer Tools for debugging”, can be translated to your use case, where you then would click on the various bits and pieces you’d like to change, and then copy out the CSS selectors for the parts you need.

Outline alignment in recent updating is bit of confusing - #12 by holroy

Then you should be able to change colors of the weekend, hopefully.

What did you add into your CSS snippet? I added this, and got it to change background color:

.calendar {
  --color-background-weekend: green;

Thank you. That has worked perfectly. I didn’t know that I had to start the snippet with “.calendar”.

You always have to give a CSS code block, { ... }, a target, and one case which works in this case is the .calendar target. If you don’t specify it, it wouldn’t know where (or on what) to give your specifications.


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