How to change text color in explorer sidebar using Minimal theme or otherwise?

No matter the theme I cannot seem to find a way to adjust the explorer bar to high contrast to accommodate my eyesight. In the example below using Minimal I have managed to set the background to white, but for the life me cannot find where to change the text from gray to black. I have tried with Minimal, ITS Theme, and Blue Topaz. Thanks!

Have a look at the page and this topic if you haven’t yet:

There are many aspects of the default theme you can change using the theme properties/variables (the first link above). Sometimes they need adjusting to work with community themes, but this works with Minimal. It also affects the Search, Bookmarks tabs, etc. Give it a try.

.theme-light, .theme-dark {
    --nav-item-color: red;
    --nav-item-size: 13px;
    --nav-item-weight: 400;

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Thanks, that worked! Did you give me those instructions because it’s the most straightforward way to do it rather than searching through 100 theme settings, or because for some reason that particular setting effecting explorer bar text does not exist within most themes?

Ha! That is a very good question. I don’t recall seeing a setting in Minimal’s Style Settings for the Files tab specifically. There’s one for muted text color, etc., but that’s used in a lot of places. Style Settings is great, but sometimes I find a snippet easier than digging through all the settings even when using the Style Settings search.

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