How to best use Obsidian to write a book?

Things I have tried

Seeking recommendations on how to best set up Obsidian, from the beginning with no content, to write a book a 50,000 word book to be published and later a series of books. Research will come from YouTube channels, books, papers, hand written materials will be scanned into Obsidian, etc

I would strongly recomend you look through the Knowledgezone on this as it has been covered in numerous ways.
There are several discussions covering this same subject in the Help and Share&Showcase

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I copy and paste a web-link to a note and next place the note in a file. The web-link note also remains outside the file. Now if I delete the note the file link is also deleted. Yet, I wasn’t able to copy and past the web-link directly into the file. So please advise on best workflow.

You mean the forum? I was also search for tips to write and publish with obsidian. Did not find that much here…

An interesting link I found was this one: Obsidian Longform Plugin - YouTube

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