[how to] android terminal command open specific note in obsidian mobile?


[ ] iOS
[x] Android
obsidian mobile version 1.0.4

Hi, I can open a specific note from the linux terminal (bash script actually) with this:

xdg-open “obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=${VAULT}&filename=${FILE}”

and it works great for desktop use.

Is there a way to do this on mobile? With Tasker I can create a home page icon that runs a bash script that could trigger this event, but I’m not even sure if such a thing exists on mobile.

Alternatively I’ve noticed that if I have a certain note in the forground on the desktop version (i.e. the latest note link opened) and then when I go to the mobile version (assuming syncthing has recently sync’d all folder changes) that same note pops to the surface. I assume there must be some background file that also gets sync’d indicating the set of open notes that the mobile app can “consult” when opening. Is there some way to manipulate this file artificially from a bash script so I can have the script set the file I want to be that “latest opened file” and then simply tell android to open Obsidian and there the note will be?


  • Dave

On your first question: Obsidian URLs work in Android same as on the desktop. I have several Tasker-powered icons that open specific notes, and there’s no bash script required; I just use the Browse URL action with the Obsidian URL.

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Has this been written about elsewhere? Or could you explain how to set it up? Thanks!

thanks, I’ll try that

edit: it worked, using this:

obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=(vault name here)&filename=(note name here)

also using Advanced URI plugin, I presume that’s needed

in Tasker, its add task > Net > Browse URL

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