How to make an introductory note through the tab bar?

Need to “pin” the note to the tab bar. Cannot use the command palette (to make the icon appear). There is no accompanying “open” line/command.

here [how to] android terminal command open specific note in obsidian mobile? - #4 by cedardoc, it seems there is a solution
“edit: it worked using this:
obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=(vault name here)&filename=(note name here)
also using the Advanced URI plugin, I believe this is necessary
In Tasker, add task > Network > View URL”

But I don’t understand how to do this. Not very good at this. If possible, how to do this point by point.

Yours respectfully.

The command to pin a note is “Toggle pin”. Open the command palette and type “pin” and it will appear. You can also long press the tab and choose “Pin” from the context menu.

Not this way. I spoke on Tab Bar. I don’t know where the tab bar is, but the Comander plugin tells that place:

I need, as I said, to place my note icon here:

See also URI commands plugin.


Maybe this is just what i need.

Please tell me how to write the correct note address in the “URI” field. {{vaultName}} is not very clear to me.

URL to open in MyVault ( can be in any folder, and aliases are supported in place of myNote):


URL to open in new tab (gets focused if already open):


URL to open in source mode:


URL to open and focus specific heading:


Values after the equal sign = have to be encoded in case they include spaces, parenthesis or question marks. Use this tool to encode values to be used in URLs.

Obsidian offers right click option to copy Obsidian URL of notes. This feature isn’t documented anywhere afaik.

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It really healpfull. Great thanks.

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