How to always show open document tabs?

What I’m trying to do

I would like the tabs for open documents to display at all times.

Boox Tab Ultra (B&W)

  • Android 11
  • Minimal Theme (light)

Things I have tried

I have looked through the settings in Obsidian and Minimal to find a setting to turn off auto-hide of the tabs, but I have not found it. I found a setting for “hide tabs” and for Minimal’s “focus” mode: both are toggled “off”.

I have searched this forum, but I have not found it.

Is this perhaps a CSS thing? If someone gives me a hint, I’d be happy to look for it myself.

Is the question ambiguous, or did is leave out an important prerequisite for folks to respond? If more information would help, please ask for it.

It was unclear to me, plus I don’t use Minimal.

Is this on a phone, with the tabs in a menu in the navigation bar at bottom? If so there might be a CSS solution but probably not a simple one.

If it’s on a tablet, tabs are shown by default. It sounds like one of the settings you found should work — maybe you need to restart the app to make them take effect? (But probably not since the app has probably restarted between your first and last posts.)

Are you perhaps using the Hider plugin?

Have you ever seen the tabs on that device? Do they show with a different theme?

I’ve not looked into it, but my mobile device is just a phone so I don’t have the real estate for wanting to see the tabs.

But I did try it some times ago to have horizontally stacked tabs… it kind of worked, but it took up too much space for my liking. Still, that was on a mobile, not a tablet. I think it’s described in an older post, if my memory is correct.

Update: Check out the thread below:

I am using a tablet (Android).

When I see the tabs, they are at the top of the Obsidian application.

I see the tabs when I open a file in Obsidian, and when I tap the narrow space above the Obsidian breadcrumbs. But sooner or later, the tabs disappear again.

I am not using the Hider plugin.

Since that’s not default behavior, the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide should help you find its source.

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Just knowing that it isn’t expected behavior helps a great deal. Thank you.

I still have not figured out why sometimes the tab is there, and sometimes not, and sometimes the breadcrumbs are there, and sometimes they are not. I can tap around to make them appear again, fortunately. It is a low-level source of irritation, so I am just going to live with it until I stumble across what’s causing it. Thanks to the folks who tried to help.

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