How to access "Obsidian main menu" items?

  1. Just started playing with the new Obsidian releases. Watching a Nicole van der Hoeven video, I noticed she was running frameless and getting at a kind of “open windows” menu via what must have been a keyboard shortcut.

If you click it, I’ve started where she gets the menu I can’t get to. It looks like this on the freeze frame.

  1. When I switched Obsidian’s window mode to “Obsidian frame” I got an icon in the upper right corner of the new window frame. Clicking it gave me this:


  1. The question: How on earth do you get to these commands without this window frame? I’ve searched for “Obsidian main menu” and “Window menu” to no avail. An internet search found a Reddit request similar to mine, with no answers.

Nicole seems to have a shortcut set up to get to the Window menu under this main menu, but she doesn’t talk about that. Crtl-P doesn’t help. I’m at a loss.



The top of the menu is cut off. I think she’s just clicking on ‘Window’ in the macOS menu bar, not a shortcut.

I don’t have Windows machine with me at the moment, but I’ll have a look later and report back if no one has answered.

Good point. Yes, the Mac application menu bar doesn’t disappear, and there are Mac shortcuts, I’m sure to get to its items.

But the Windows and Linux questions remain. (I’m on Linux Mint, BTW.)



Don’t use Windows or Linux (desktop) much anymore so not really familiar with electron apps and their window behavior. It does seem odd though. Using Windows 11…

-hidden frame:
Can’t find or use those menu items by clicking anywhere or using hotkeys.

-obsidian frame:
Clicking the Obsidian icon shows the menu but no hotkeys on the menu work for me (sub-menu hotkeys are fine).

-native frame:
Don’t see File/Edit/Insert… along the top at first, but if I hit alt+f, the menu bar then shows, can be clicked, and alt+f, alt+e, alt+i… can be used.

Not really any further along, but said I’d check back in. :confused:

Has anyone figured this out yet? I would like to be able to use the menu bar.

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