Where is menu line in Win 11?

So I recently got a new laptop with Win11, and when running Obsidian 1.5.11 on this computer, I can’t see the menu line allowing to access stuff like the Force reload command, or the File or View menu. This feels kind of strange…

After searching for a while I found the answer below:

In that response @ariehen says that using Settings > Appearance > Window frame style: Obsidian frame reveals the menu line. That works, but is there really no other option to access this menu line if using either Hidden frame(default) or Native frame ?

The other thread got closed down with no answer, but are we really still at a loss for getting access to the menu line in version 1.5.11? How are we then supposed to access file/view/… menus from the default installation of Obsidian?

Off topic(?): You are now fifty percent closer to having your dual boot setup with Linux. I recommend Ubuntu/Xubuntu as the Debians I have tried lately are very error-prone (not Obsidian related errors).

The above thread I referred to states that even the Linux variant doesn’t have the menu line, which I don’t really understand why this is the default variant for Obsidian. Then again, I’ve been using Mac since the start of my run with Obsidian, and has grown accustomed to having the menu bar, so it has been very strange not having access to it on my secondary (work-related) laptop on Win11.