How do I store and view PDFs in Obsidian

Things I have tried

I’ve searched this Forum, Help and Discord without finding a solution to why I can not successfully embed a PDF in a Note (PDF is saved in Attachments sub folder) then View the PDF in Preview similar to a JPG.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve used the same procedure as embedding a photo (which works), but though PDFs are saved to the Attachment folder, -
(1) nothing shows up in Preview mode, and
(2) only “< >” showing in the PDF file.

I’m using the latest Obsidian mobile insider version on Apple iPad.
Is there a specific Settings toggle I need to turn on? If so, I haven’t found it.

![[my pdf file.pdf]] should do it

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Yup. That’s exactly what I’ve been using, but I get the PDF Title saved to the Attachment folder but I see nothing in Obsidian Preview or when I select the file/copy in Attachments. I see nothing on the Preview screen except the symbols “< >” when PDF ‘file’ is selected. That’s why I thought I may not have activated a toggle or something allowing the process to function.

Thanks for replying

There is another thread on this topic. For my issue with this, it came down to a theme I was using that wouldn’t allow the file to show in Preview mode. Try disabling any themes to see if it makes a difference.

Ya, I turned everything off(Safe Mode?) and used even the Obsidian Default Theme and still the same result. Plus I’m using the Minimal Theme which is always updated and heavily used. Also, turned off all the Plugins.

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Not sure it this applies but I have had similar issues when the title of the PDF document contains certain characters e.g if the title has a # in it, the file won’t render. Remove the # and it works. Dunno if this helps but took me a while to figure it out so maybe it’ll help you.

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Thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t work. Shouldn’t be this difficult. Using the Mobile Bar has no issue inserting a Photo, but it chokes on a pdf. And the PDFs are there in Attachments and visible to 1Writer and Notebooks3, just not rendered by Obsidian mobile.

Was NOT enough to turn off PDF plugins (3), NEEDED to DELETE/REMOVE them from Obsidian, restart and all is good -
See also PDFs using Transclusion not rendering in Obsidian Mobile

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