PDFs using Transclusion not rendering in Obsidian Mobile

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Steps to reproduce

  • Insert PDF through transclusion (!) in a document

Expected result

Inline rendering of PDF within the document

Actual result

Blank white image. This is a simple two-page PDF. It renders perfectly in the desktop version of Obsidian but not in the mobile version


  • Operating system:

iOS/iPad OS version 14.6

  • Obsidian version: 1.0.3

Additional information

I tested this using the default theme as well as a few community themes and I get the same result in both light and dark mode.

Can you attach this pdf or a pdf that is causing problems?

Unfortunately it contains confidential financial information. I’ll create a non-confidential PDF and try it and let you know in a few minutes.

Well, this is interesting (and encouraging!). I created a new note and inserted two PDF’s from ones I created from Internet articles. They render perfectly. Hmmm, I wonder what is unique about the one that will not render?

My apologies, I certainly did not mean to “cry wolf.”

Here is a screenshot of the test note.

I then added the problematic PDF to that same note. It sill does not render. This tells me there is something peculiar about that PDF.

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Same issue here on 1.0.4

Can you send the file?
Have you tried without plugins enabled?
What OS/version are you on?

OMG! it was the PDF to Markdown plug-in. Turned it off, restarted the app and boom, all good. Phewwwww :smiley:


Thanks for the help. I can’t post the PDF as it contains confidential information. Per my response above, PDFs using Transclusion not rendering in Obsidian Mobile - #4 by Bmosbacker, other PDFs are rendering properly except that one (which is the one that prompted my post). I have all PDF related plug-ins disabled.

I’m beginning to think that the problematic PDF may have been scanned through one of our office copiers before the CFO emailed it to me. This may have created a strangely formatted and/or corrupted PDF. I’ll continue to monitor but thus far other PDFs are rendering properly in both the Mac and mobile versions of Obsidian.

Yeah, the PDF to Markdown plugin was giving me problems too. I have it turned off, but if you turn it in, it will still convert an unviewable PDF to Markdown and then I just turn it off and restart again. So it’s still sort of usable.

I have the same issue with the Better PDF plugin on iPad.
However it used to work before, it seems to have stopped working with v1.0.5 of Obsidian Mobile.

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