How do I stop canvas card titles from disappearing when zoomed far out?

Hello. I have a large canvas with many cards.

When mid-way zoomed out, I’m happy, because I can see the card titles:

But when I zoom out farther, I become sad, because the titles disappear.

Is there a way to keep the card titles visible when zoomed far out? When you’ve got hundreds of cards, it matters!

Things I have tried

  1. The Canvas settings did not help. I set “Display card label” to “Always,” and I set “Zoom threshold for hiding card content” to the maximum value, but my problem remains.

  2. By playing with CSS variables I discovered in this thread, I was able to create bigger, brighter, cyan titles with this snippet:

.canvas-node .canvas-node-label {
color: cyan;
font-size: calc(1.0em * var(–zoom-multiplier));
overflow: visible;

This leads me to suspect there’s a CSS solution to my problem, some CSS variable I’m not aware of, but I’ve searched the forums and haven’t been able to find it. (I’m new to Obsidian and CSS.)

Thank you!