How do I rename vault?

Hi there, is it possible to rename a vault? Thank you.

  1. go to your vault folder and rename it (outside of Obsidian)
  2. go to Obsidian vault options and “Open folder as vault” ( the one you just renamed).
  3. delete your old vault from the obsidian vault options.

Hope this works!


Thank you, it does. And it was easier than I thought.

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I tried to follow this instruction but failed. What does “add a new vault” mean? That doesn’t appear as a choice. I tried creating a new vault with the name of the vault folder that I had renamed in step 1. All that did was to nest a vault within a vault, both having the same names. Thanks.

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when u open the vault there are three choices, and the first one is 'open folder as vault, click this one and find the folder that u renamed, click it, then u got a new vault as same as before. Then u can just delete the old folder and use the new one.


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