Renaming vaults

The ability to change the name of a vault from within a vault. Currently the folder can be renamed in file explorer and that will change the vault name, but I don’t know if that can later cause problems.

Use case or problem

A user might not know what to name vaults when creating the vault, especially if/when new to utilizing repositories such as Obsidian. Being able to rename the vault helps provide flexibility for users and aligns with the functionality that notes and folders already allow for renaming.

Proposed solution

Provide a way (or ways) to change the name of vaults after creation. This could either be after the vault has been opened or at the vault “creation/selection” screen if having the vault open creates an issue for renaming.

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve experiment with renaming the folder from file explorer and that seems to work, but I’m not sure if that might possible cause later issues…

Related feature requests (optional)

Not quiet a related request, but definitely seems like it’d require deep evaluation for any issues it might bring up regarding linking (especially if there is linking across vaults).


AFAIK, it doesn’t and shouldn’t cause any problems. A folder name is literally name of vault.

Hi, How do I rename the vault folder in file explorer? I tried control-clicking on the vault name, but I don’t get a menu. Thanks!

I was looking for the correct solution too and found this:

Yes, but it does require doing so outside of Obsidian instead of being able to do so internally…

Yep, sorry for not checking back earlier and providing instructions. Although I’m not sure there old vault will still be there so the deletion might not be required

Well, as for me, I don’t see any issue here, because I renamed vaults like 2-3 times in total. Like for months now I don’t change vaults name. What workflow requires rename vaults so often that this feature would boost your productivity by saving like seconds every time when you rename vault?

Is it safe to do this (rename the vault folder) while Obsidian is open/running?

This was implemented.

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